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How to Take a Screenshot on a MacBook, Benefits, and How to Check the Results

How to Take a Screenshot on a MacBook

Not a few Macbook users don’t know how to screenshot on a MacBook , especially those who have just switched from Windows to Apple products. Screenshots are an important activity in modern life to record or take pictures of displays on a laptop or computer screen.

Apple products are known for their exclusive nature, so new or old Macbook users who are generally familiar with the Windows operating system are quite confused about activating some of the features in Apple-made laptops such as MacBooks.

How to Take a Screenshot on a MacBook

Benefit from the screenshot feature on the MacBook

People take screenshots for no reason, this is what many MacBook laptop users use to display written or graphic information so that people can see it. Often people also use it to make a tutorial as an online-based learning media.

Currently, digital activities have entered into all aspects of people’s lives. The learning aspect is one of them. To be able to convey learning material well. using the screenshot feature is one of the best solutions currently users can do.

Macbook users can easily use this feature in an effort to convey various information or create learning materials. As one of the big brands in the world of technology, it is impossible if Apple does not present this feature in its products.

Some Ways to Screenshot on MacBook

As one of the well-known brands in the technology industry, Apple, which comes with its MacBook products, is able to fascinate customers with various features. However, there are still many users who have not been able to take full advantage of all the features. Here’s how to screenshot on a MacBook laptop:

1. Full Screenshot on MacBook

Full Screenshot on MacBook

For MacBook laptop users who want to capture or screenshot the full screen, you can use the shift, command and number 3 keys. Press these three buttons simultaneously until you find a thumbnail image in the corner of the screen. When this menu appears then click to edit the results of the screenshot earlier. Then the screenshot of the screen has been saved.

2. Screenshots of the MacBook screen for just a few parts

Screenshots of the MacBook screen

For some purposes, not a few people want to screenshot the Macbook screen for only a few areas. If you want to do this, you can use the shift, command, and number 4 keys. Press the three buttons simultaneously then drag the pointer to determine the screenshot area.

If the user wants to move the screenshot area, he can use the bar or space bar while dragging the mouse pointer on the screen. You can cancel the screenshot by pressing the esc key. Meanwhile, to take screenshots, just release the mouse button and trackpad.

3. Screenshots of windows or menus on the MacBook

Screenshots of windows or menus on the MacBook

Besides being able to take full screenshots and just a few points, MacBook users can also capture the menu screen display. To do this the user must simultaneously press shift, command, number 4, and space key.

After performing this action a camera icon will appear. Click a window or menu to take a screen capture. In addition, users can also make small adjustments such as isolating window shadows or editing screenshots.

How to Find MacBook Screenshot Results

After you know how and some of the settings for screenshots on a MacBook laptop, now is the time to learn where this file is stored. For storing screenshots you can find them on the desktop with the name screenshot.png. However, as a user, you can change this storage location in another folder.

More Information About the MacBook Screenshot Feature

For the latest version of Mac OS, Apple presents more complex screenshot application settings so that users can do various things before taking screenshots, such as setting a timer release date and choosing to save screenshots with the application.

On the Mac OS Mojave operating system, users can also open the screenshot application by pressing the shift key, command, and the number 5 simultaneously. There the user gets quite a lot of menus to manage screenshot activity.

Apart from using the default features of Mac Os, Macbook users can also take screenshots using third-party applications that you can get at the Apple Store. Can use applications such as stick, snagit, or lightshot. All of this can be used by users and has a friendly application interface so it won’t be difficult to master the tools that are there.