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Easy Ways To Download Youtube Videos On Mac OS

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Easy Ways to Download YouTube Videos on Mac OS – YouTube is the largest video sharing platform service today, and this makes it very easy for all of us to view and listen to various kinds of videos in various sizes. There are hundreds of millions of videos that have been uploaded on YouTube, be it movies, songs, or various other types of videos.

For those of you who rely heavily on YouTube when you want to see the video you want to play, you will easily find the video by searching by keyword by typing it through the search feature. It’s very easy and quickly you can watch videos for free.

However, there are times when you don’t have an internet network or your internet network is slow, so you certainly won’t be able to watch videos on YouTube. And the thing that is very boring is when we want to watch a long movie, and when we haven’t finished watching the video, our internet network is disconnected or is down, so watching movies on YouTube will stop.

To avoid this problem, the most likely thing you can do is download the video on YouTube and save it on your device and watch it whenever you like, and what’s interesting, of course, is that you no longer need to be connected to the internet when you want to play the video.

For those of you who use computers with Windows OS, of course this will be very easy, but what if you are a Mac OS user? In this article I will show you an easy way to download YouTube videos on your Mac OS with Airy YouTube Downloader.

Download Youtube Videos On Mac

What is Airy YouTube Downloader?

Airy YouTube Video Downloader for Mac is a YouTube Video Downloader software for MacOS, with this Airy software, you can easily download various kinds of videos on YouTube and save them in various formats such as mp4, 3GP and FLV, and you can also save videos in various formats. size and quality. Airy YouTube Downloader not only allows you to download videos one by one, but you can download several videos at once. Apart from that, the interesting thing is that you can also download and convert your favorite songs on YouTube into mp3 format.

Now there is no reason for you not to be able to enjoy videos from YouTube, because with Airy, you can download and save all your favorite videos on your Mac OS computer and enjoy videos offline.

For Windows users, you don’t need to worry because Airy also provides this Airy YouTube Downloader software for Windows users who want to easily download YouTube videos through their Windows devices and for exactly the same method of use, you can see it here → Airy YouTube Downloader for Windows .

How to Use Airy YouTube Downloader

As a YouTube video download software on Mac OS, it is a very easy software to use, you don’t need advanced computer skills to use Airy. Because the user interface is easy to follow and the download process is easy.

Here are 3 easy steps in using Airy YouTube Downloader to save all the videos you want, including 8K YouTube videos:

Download Youtube Videos On Mac

  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video that you want to download and paste it into the URL column in the Airy software.
  • Select the video format and quality that you will download
  • Click the “Download” button and wait for the process to finish

And those are 3 easy steps for downloading YouTube videos using the Airy YouTube Downloader software on Mac OS.

Featured Features of Airy YouTube Downloader

The following are excellent features that you will get when using the Airy YouTube Downloader software:

Download Youtube Videos On Mac

Download Full Playlist

The roomy YouTube downloader for Mac makes creating offline playlists a super easy and fun activity. With this feature you can play your favorite videos to accompany your jogging activities or when you are traveling long distances, a complete YouTube music playlist can be downloaded all at once so you have all your favorite tracks in one place.

Select Optimal Format

Airy YouTube Downloader has a feature to download YouTube videos into various formats such as MP4, 3GP or FLV and the option to adjust the file size to meet the desired quality of the video you want to watch.

No download limits

When using this Airy YouTube Downloader software, you can download all types of videos even though the video downloader disables the download feature, so there’s no video that you can’t download with Airy YouTube Downloader. Protected videos such as age-restricted or private videos can also be downloaded by first logging into your YouTube account.

Save Subtitles from YouTube

This is the interesting thing about the features offered by Airy YouTube Downloader, where you save YouTube videos. Not only can you get audio and video in various formats and resolutions, but you can also download the subtitles of the videos you download from YouTube if the videos you want to watch have subtitles.

Subtitles will be saved in SRT format, which is widely supported by most video playback software today.

Get Entire Channels or Categories

There is no limit to what this Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac OS can do. If you find downloading playlists impressive, wait till you see this Youtube to MP4 video converter for Mac can save full channels or YouTube categories on your computer with just a few clicks.

Download in HD and Ultra HD

As I said above, you can fully choose the size and quality of the video when downloading using this YouTube video downloader software. Choose to watch crystal clear videos in 4K and 8K resolutions and set the highest standards for your videos. Everything is possible with Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac OS.

Save Audios

Download Music Tracks and Playlists from YouTube in Few Clicks, with Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac OS, you get a simple and efficient downloader which can handle any track or playlist from YouTube in a moment. Just search for the video you want to download, select the format and resolution and download everything you need, including playlits or channels.

Pause or Resume Downloads

With Airy you can also manage downloads and can pause the video you are downloading. Thanks to the pause and resume features, you can easily pause ongoing downloads and resume them later at the time you want.

Integrate Airy in Your Browser

This Airy YouTube Downloader app for Mac OS is very fast, but you may be in a situation when you come across a random video on a site and you want to download it instantly. Well, say no more because you can now integrate it with the best browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera and click the download button that will be available next to the video.


Airy YouTube Video Downloader for Mac is a great software to download or download YouTube videos on Mac OS computer devices, this software is very easy to use and can also download multiple videos at once and even download channels and categories. You can try this software for free with limited features, but it also provides a Pro version with a variety of the best features to make it easier for you to download YouTube videos on Mac. The Pro version of Airy YouTube Downloader is only priced at $ 19.95 for a personal license and for an annual renewal it costs only $ 9.95.

And that’s my review about the Airy YouTube Downloader software, I hope this article is useful for you and makes a solution for those of you who want to download YouTube videos on Mac OS easily and without restrictions.