The Best Way to Improve Your Forex Trading
The Best Way to Improve Your Forex Trading
Let me tell you from my experience the best way (next to actual trading) to improve your trading performance. Just like everything else in life in which you have succeeded, you must practice forex trading to get better. Sure, you can read opinions, books, and the latest and greatest newsletters, but until you actually practice trading, your performance will not improve. One of the best ways to practice trading is to replay the trade as it unfolded. You can always look back and imagine how you would have traded a certain setup, but nothing can replace actually watching the trade unfold in "real-time". How do you do this? Here are two ways. Use A Trade Simulator A trade simulator will replay the market with either real or theoretical price movement. I always like to use simulators with real data because I can re-watch trades as if they were happening real-time. I use the MetaTrader charting application for trading, so I have found a free simulator for MetaTrader. You can get the link to the free MetaTrader simulator from my website. Many other charting packages have simulators as well, or you can even buy stand-alone simulators that will do the job just fine (for a fee, of course).

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Record The Trading Session Another way I have found to replay the market is just to record my computer screen while my charts are open. It sounds a little silly perhaps, but it gives me the opportunity to watch trades 100% "real-time". There are free screen recording tools you can use to do this. CamStudio is the free screen recording software I use. Recording hours and hours of live charts can make for some big honking files, but it gives me what I want! Remember - practice your trading. If you are not ready to trade live yet, trade demo. If your schedule won't allow you to trade demo during peak trading hours, then use a simulator or a screen recorder to simulate live trading.
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