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How to Use a Macbook for Beginners, Complete!

How to Use a Macbook for Beginners
It is common knowledge that Apple is one of the most successful brands today. In fact, products made by Apple are the most expensive and classy brands in the world. They always prioritize the simplicity and convenience of their users.
One of the most popular Apple products is the Macbook laptop. With a stylish and elegant appearance, the Macbook seems to have its own aura. People who see it will definitely judge the Macbook laptop as a luxury item. Because the quality offered by the Macbook is really high, all of its variants are quite expensive.
It is this factor that makes many people prefer Windows laptops, which incidentally have low prices. From a usage standpoint, Windows laptops are easier to become familiar with among laptop users.
If Windows users switch to Macbooks, they may be a little confused the first time they operate. Many also comment that the newest operating system, namely OS X, is more difficult to use, but in reality this is not the case.
Using Macbook OS X for beginners is actually tricky, later you will get used to it if you have used it for a long time. Therefore, allow us to share several ways to use the following Macbook (OS X).
How to Use a Macbook for Beginners

Get to know the appearance of the Mac OS X version of the Macbook

Before you learn how to operate a Macbook, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the appearance that the Macbook carries. Some of the basic views of Macbook laptops include:
  • Bar Menu
The Menu Bar is part of the operating system that shows the applications that are currently active/used. On this menu bar, there are also several options that generally exist on the Windows operating system. However, on a Mac almost everything is always on the menu bar. Confused? Let’s illustrate with a Windows-based laptop.
On Windows laptops, we are more used to the menu bar file, edit, view, help and so on which are visible in every window of the currently active program. Each application has its own menu bar.
This is of course very different from Mac OS X where there is only one menu bar that is distributed for all applications. The menu displayed in this menu bar can change according to the needs of the application being used.
With this menu bar, you can more easily complete various tasks and jobs.
  • MenuBar icon
The menu bar icon is similar to the ‘tray’ on the Windows operating system. Many developers also offer several application control options using this new menu.
  • Spotlights
The spotlight feature on a Mac will also make it easier for you to operate a Macbook laptop. This feature can help you find files, access configurations, run application programs and much more. This Spotlight will really benefit from being able to search for various things on our Macbooks.
If you want to use this feature, try pressing CMD + space or clicking the in-out zoom lens in the top corner. Even though it looks foreign, using spotlight is also actually very easy.
  • Dock
When likened to Windows, the Dock is similar in function to the Task Bar. This feature is the area where the application that is being used is located. Various programs running on the Macbook will go into the Dock, usually with a glowing sign under the application icon. So, if there is a light under the application icon, it means the application is being used.
Actually there are still several other features and menus on Macbook laptops. Try to experiment, try and explore all the features on the Mac continuously. When you get used to it, you will memorize its features by heart.

How to Use a Macbook for Beginners

To be honest, using a Macbook is actually tricky for beginners. If you previously used Windows, the first time you will be surprised to see features that seem foreign.
Every laptop user also has their own operating style. We cannot compare Si Otong and Pak Pol when operating a laptop. This kind of thing also applies to Mac users, of course everyone is different when using it.

1. Setting up the Track Pad

For novice Macbook laptop users, the track pad navigation system on the Mac might be a little confusing. Therefore, you can set it as you wish to make it more comfortable. Try going to the Apple logo > System Preferences > Trackpad . After that there are several options that you can choose, use according to your wishes.
  • Point and Click : Set tracking speed and navigation
  • Scroll and zoom : Set the scroll and zoom navigation system
  • More gestures : When you open quite a lot of applications, you can find clearer information
Setting this trackpad is one way to use a Macbook that beginners must know. By trying this feature, using a Macbook becomes easier.

2. Searching for Files and Applications

To search for various files and applications, you can use the Spotlight feature to open various programs you want to run or simply search for files.

3. Run the Application

To open an application or program from a Mac, you only need to click on the application you want to use. Usually, the location of the Mac application will always be in FINDER : Application. You can run FINDER and press CMD + Shift + A. Alternatively, you can open an application using Spotlight by typing the application you want to run and then clicking it. It’s easy, right? Yes, it’s easy because it’s not much different from Windows.

4. Closing Programs & Overcoming Crash/Not Responding Applications

Even though the Macbook is equipped with powerful features, you might experience an application that crashes or doesn’t respond. If on Windows you can fix it by clicking the X or close button on the title bar, then on Mac you have to do it manually.
Sure, there’s an X in every Mac OS application window, but the function of that mark is very different. This X mark only closes the window but the application is still running, more precisely in the background. So, if you have 4 Word documents open, they all have separate windows. If you click the X fish on one of them, the others will not be affected. To find out if the application was still running, you can look at the Dock.
So that the application actually exits, try selecting the application on the menu bar and then selecting Quit or on the application icon in the Dock then selecting Quit. If you want it to be faster, try clicking the CMD + Q button on the keyboard to close the application that was running earlier.

4. Maximize and Minimize

On Mac OS X, there is no Maximize icon like Windows. This feature is replaced with a green button next to the red and yellow buttons on each window. This green button can resize the window so that it is the right size to display content without a Scrollbar.
Apart from that, we are also familiar with minimize in Windows. If you double click on the Windows Title Bar, the window will appear Full-screen. Conversely, doing the same on a Mac will minimize the window and send it to the Dock feature to hide.
If you want to turn off this function on a Mac, try the following:
  • Click the Apple logo > System Preferences > Appearance .
  • After that, uncheck the Double-click a Windows’s title bar to minimize option .
But keep in mind, this method cannot maximize by double clicking on the Title bar . Until here understand right?

5. Install the Application

If you want to install an application, you can move it to the Application folder mentioned earlier. The impression is that Mac is really faster than Windows, which must be setup and installed first.
In a way, this Mac really prioritizes the user’s comfort side with this ‘Plug and Play’ feature . This native application is generally enough to be moved and can be used, but there are also some applications that require installation first.

6. Uninstall the Application

Just like installing, uninstalling applications on a Mac is also quite easy to do. You only need to delete the application by removing it from the application folder. However, this step will leave some of the configuration and application support that was removed earlier. To overcome this, try using a supporting application such as AppCleaner.
So, those are some ways to use Macbook (OS X) for beginners. Actually the features are not much different from Windows, but the placement of functions and features is quite different.
If you often use a Macbook, you will get used to it after a while. You will memorize features that may still be unfamiliar at this time and finally be able to use a Macbook like you would a normal laptop.