Survival Guide – Research and Prepare
Survival Guide – Research and Prepare

A basic search on the internet for a 2012 survival guide will lead to a myriad of information, some useful and some that may scare the daylights of you. Knowing what to expect is rather difficult to know at this stage. NASA claims that we are going to experience a pole shift which will create cataclysmic events and effect all inhabitants of the planet. You should also know that there are other "experts" who state that the event will be of a proportion that we have witnessed recently through the high magnitude earthquakes of Haiti and Chile. There are many conflicting reports on how long we will be under severe conditions, if a devastating event will actually take place and what we should learn now so that we can survive later. Doing a little research now on a 2012 survival guide can reduce your feelings of the unknown and increase your confidence, so that regardless of what does happen, you will have the knowledge and necessary skills and items, so at the very least, you will increase your comfort a certain degree.

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Prepare for the Worst

All survivalists agree that the key to successfully enduring any devastating event is in the preparation. Creating your own 2012 survival guide with information and supplies is going to be very necessary, however, you should arm yourself with knowledge by knowing what is going to happen when the poles shift and prepare for the worst possible case scenario.

Get In Tune with Nature

Learn your surroundings; this will give you an advantage over the others that may shrug off any need to prepare a 2012 survival guide. Nature is a bountiful resource and centuries ago people lived off the land, eating roots, berries and a variety of barks- though right now that may not sound very appetizing. In all areas you can find indigenous plants and trees that are edible and have important nutritional values. For example:

· Sheep Sorel- rich in vitamin C

· Plantain- rich in vitamin A

· Stinging Nettles- provide necessary iron and minerals

· Buckwheat and Amaranth- natural proteins (meat substitute)

Include information in your 2012 survival guide about edible plants, such as a book with not only the nutritional values, but pictures that can help you identify them when the time comes. Spending time on the weekends locating areas where these plants thrive in quantity is not a bad idea either.

Develop an Action Plan

All emergency services have what is called an Action Plan; what to do first in any emergency situation. Including this plan in your 2012 survival guide will help maintain order, keep everyone busy with chores which will reduce hysteria, remember the children and plan to have on hand coloring books, crayons or colored pencils, familiar items to comfort and soothe during the hardest times.

Develop a plan of your own and go over it with friends and family. The foundation of a good action plan is shelter, food and water. Yet, you do not want to forget the basics that you will need in addition. You will need a way to cook; remember to have waterproof matches, portable cooking equipment and tools as well. Preparedness now will give you the advantage over the other ninety percent of the population who may do nothing to prepare at all. Everyone knows the basics of what you need to survive, but do not overlook the basic need to survive, so start gathering your knowledge and supplies, develop your action plan now as a part of your 2012 survival guide.

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